A Big Hearty Hello for 2015

It's been a super long time since I've made an effort to post to my blog...and I can make a load of excuses.  But the reality of it has been, that I had been focused on selling the house that I had been remodeling for over 8 years and moved from the Midwest back to California to be closer to my elderly mom.

2013 was the year of a new job making new friends and learning about lots of data.  You see by day, I am an IT Geek and by night I usually fill my soul with sewing machine vibrations and create lots of wonderful goodies! <3  And again, I was MIA from the blog, for the year ... probably just being a geek.

I did make these wonderful pillow covers that fit 18" x 18" pillow forms!  Won't you share some love for this gorgeous beauty?


2014 was a tough transition, but now starting afresh in 2015 with Joy and Peace and Determination to make this one of the best years yet!

The Etsy shop (http://themillershouse.etsy.com) is back up and I've relisted some of the items in inventory and creating amazing new products!  This year, we will be focusing on essential oils, tote cases and organizers.  We have a large community of oilers that we will be making products for.  Also, the hooping community will be excited to see a special category in my shop for their hooping covers, bags, and supplies!

I'm very much excited to start up again and welcome your support!  Please share us once again with your friends and family.  We will be promoting our products with referral coupons starting in February!  For each custom referral coupon that is redeemed, you may be eligible to receive free gifts from TheMillersHouse!  How cool is that!?

Thank you so much for your patience, and look forward to a fantastic 2015 and making great new friends this year!