New Projects on the Horizon

Man, do you ever get in a rut and have way too many unfinished projects in your studio?  Do you get unmotivated because there is too much clutter and you just can't get inspired?  That's where I have been for several months!  Work schedules collide with kids' schedules and extra side jobs take 1st place over being creative can leave anyone cranky and uninspired.

This month, I vowed to myself that I would not be able to pick up anything new to work on, until I completed promised projects over the course of the year.  So I got in the studio and started picking up one item at a time and finding a place for it.

After a few minutes, (maybe a couple of hours), I started to feel overjoyed that I could see my workspace areas reappear from the stacks of denim jeans that still needed to be hemmed, or remnants of a prom dress created in the Spring ... I could BREATHE ... I could envision new ideas as I began to feel the fabric and get motivated to do something new and exciting!

Still, I made sure that I wrote a list of priorities of all the projects that I wanted to complete between now and Christmas.  Oh yeah ... Christmas is only 4 months away!  SHOCKING. Yeah.  I know.  So, I have 2 major projects that need to be done before the end of September and I WILL MAKE Christmas items on time this year.  <-- I sure hope I can meet this milestone!  :D  LOL

When you visit Etsy, don't forget to stop by TheMillersHouse and don't confuse us with MillersHouse - we aren't related - but I bet he does some really cool woodworking stuff too.  ;)

Take Care my friends, and I hope to be back soon with some more amazing creations to share.  <3

Meet Rachelle of MamaSellsStuff

If you ever wondered how to give new life to paperclips - wonder no more!  Rachelle Willgren does some AMAZING things with these paperclips and they are just so darn cute!  Check out her amazing shop on Etsy MammaSellsStuff and see for yourself!

Aren't those adorable??

Rachelle makes these cool save the date clips that you send with your save the dates/invitations/etc. so guests can have a constant, pretty reminder of the upcoming occasion. Rachelle also make other planner supplies like planner clips, planner bands, and discbound punched items.  <3

Contact Rachelle to start a custom order!





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Meet Susan of ZaritGlassworks

There is one art that I have never learned and have always admired from afar, and that is stained glass and glass artwork.  I absolutely love the creations that these artisans design and it is truly a labor of love.  I would love to introduce to you Susan Zarit of ZaritGlassworks.

"Zarit Glassworks creates custom and ready to buy stained, fused, and powder printed fused glass art for your home.  We believe in giving back.  Proceeds from every purchase are donated to a variety of charitable organizations.  Our motto is "Art for the mind and soul!"  We believe that art has the ability to bring people closer together.  If we can contribute to that in some way, then we have reached our goal."  -Susan Zarit

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ZaritGlassworks Website

Meet Elizabeth of LizPOriginals

As I continue to meet many new Etsian friends, I love to feature their shops on this blog.  I would like to introduce to you a good friend, who participates in many of the group events.  This is Elizabeth Perez and she has adorable items in her shop!

A little about Liz:

"I love Beading ... and when I find gorgeous colored beads - I am in 7th heaven!  I love designing unique jewelry, agate pendants for decor in your home, adorable gem flower charms, sassy add-on charms for weddings, beautiful mementos for graduations and baby.  I also enjoy making special requests for my customers."

Shop at LizPOriginals

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A Big Hearty Hello for 2015

It's been a super long time since I've made an effort to post to my blog...and I can make a load of excuses.  But the reality of it has been, that I had been focused on selling the house that I had been remodeling for over 8 years and moved from the Midwest back to California to be closer to my elderly mom.

2013 was the year of a new job making new friends and learning about lots of data.  You see by day, I am an IT Geek and by night I usually fill my soul with sewing machine vibrations and create lots of wonderful goodies! <3  And again, I was MIA from the blog, for the year ... probably just being a geek.

I did make these wonderful pillow covers that fit 18" x 18" pillow forms!  Won't you share some love for this gorgeous beauty?


2014 was a tough transition, but now starting afresh in 2015 with Joy and Peace and Determination to make this one of the best years yet!

The Etsy shop (http://themillershouse.etsy.com) is back up and I've relisted some of the items in inventory and creating amazing new products!  This year, we will be focusing on essential oils, tote cases and organizers.  We have a large community of oilers that we will be making products for.  Also, the hooping community will be excited to see a special category in my shop for their hooping covers, bags, and supplies!

I'm very much excited to start up again and welcome your support!  Please share us once again with your friends and family.  We will be promoting our products with referral coupons starting in February!  For each custom referral coupon that is redeemed, you may be eligible to receive free gifts from TheMillersHouse!  How cool is that!?

Thank you so much for your patience, and look forward to a fantastic 2015 and making great new friends this year!


Give Thanks!

Yes!  The new hand stamped muslin ribbons are in!  We have been busy making new items to introduce in our BNR/BNS treasuries.  These lovely ribbons come in handy when shop owners choose to wrap up their orders and have a nice presentation.  Stop by and check these out soon!  Click on the image to take you directly to the listing. 

New Creations

I have been soo busy these past few months and have neglected getting anything new up on the blog.  Forgiveness is in order!  And yes, you will Love the new items that I have been working on.  

Here is a newly designed plastic bag holder for every kitchen needs one.  These were crafted with a Victorian / Steampunk style lace ribbon and red buttons.  What do you think?

Now the next item recently sold, but it was one of my favorite vendor aprons with the look and feel of Paris.  You could look at this and escape to the Eiffel Tower or walk the streets of Paris and see the wonderful artists portraying this favorite city.  Ooh La La!

Customers are always asking for new gift tags that they could include with their orders.  I just got done creating these lovely gel pen tags with brilliant glitter red hearts!  These are just too adorable to pass up!  Who's going to be the lucky shopper?  Could it be you?

You can view a lot more items on my Etsy shop.  We're also on FB, with the new Esty shop app that is way super cooler than the previous version!  Interested in checking us out?  We'd love to have you "like us"!

We are currently offering a 25% discount on our shop.  Just click on the Etsy link above to see more products and view the latest and greatest BNR/BNS listings that we are hosting.  Thanks for visiting!