New Projects on the Horizon

Man, do you ever get in a rut and have way too many unfinished projects in your studio?  Do you get unmotivated because there is too much clutter and you just can't get inspired?  That's where I have been for several months!  Work schedules collide with kids' schedules and extra side jobs take 1st place over being creative can leave anyone cranky and uninspired.

This month, I vowed to myself that I would not be able to pick up anything new to work on, until I completed promised projects over the course of the year.  So I got in the studio and started picking up one item at a time and finding a place for it.

After a few minutes, (maybe a couple of hours), I started to feel overjoyed that I could see my workspace areas reappear from the stacks of denim jeans that still needed to be hemmed, or remnants of a prom dress created in the Spring ... I could BREATHE ... I could envision new ideas as I began to feel the fabric and get motivated to do something new and exciting!

Still, I made sure that I wrote a list of priorities of all the projects that I wanted to complete between now and Christmas.  Oh yeah ... Christmas is only 4 months away!  SHOCKING. Yeah.  I know.  So, I have 2 major projects that need to be done before the end of September and I WILL MAKE Christmas items on time this year.  <-- I sure hope I can meet this milestone!  :D  LOL

When you visit Etsy, don't forget to stop by TheMillersHouse and don't confuse us with MillersHouse - we aren't related - but I bet he does some really cool woodworking stuff too.  ;)

Take Care my friends, and I hope to be back soon with some more amazing creations to share.  <3

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