Retro Black & White Skirt

Well, it's been an interesting start of September so far. Still trying to catch up on July and August projects and have neglected my personal sewing. So ... decided to get off my duff and work on a skirt for myself. :)

The fabric was indeed purchased off of Etsy and it's a beautiful retro textured polyester blend. Very thick and wavy. Is that how you describe textiles? Hmmm. I dunno. It's way cute!

I chose a flair skirt pattern with additional tabs on each side of the hips for added cuteness.
My goodness, the skirt turned out adorable!

The vintage fabric was purchased at the KeepingHome Etsy Shop and the skirt pattern used is a 2004 NEW LOOK 6345 Style F. The fabric was easy to work with, but even though the sewing pattern states *easy on the front cover, I found it a bit challenging otherwise.

If you choose to use this pattern, make sure you align the tabs properly and sew the buttons on before attaching your back facing on the yoke. For a nicer look, do a back stitch on the back facing to finish it off.

2.5 yards at 60" width did the trick on this beauty! Also pay careful attention to the finish size measurements. The pattern runs a bit snug, especially if you're using non-stretch material.

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