Ornaments at BethsCottage

I love Christmas and really enjoy the crafts that I find this time of year. Today we are featuring ornaments and handcrafted Christmas decorations by Angie at BethsCottage on Etsy.

What started out as a hobby turned into small business on Etsy. Angie loves to paint and will do so on any kind of surface. Right now she is into Christmas ornaments. BethsCottage has several different kinds from glass balls to ceramic pieces. Angie has painted on canvas, wood, fabric and metal and have created some wonderful cutout gourds. She really is up for trying anything new! :) Her latest wonderful creation is a candle wreath centerpiece perfect for any dining room table.

Stop by and let BethsCottage know that you found her through TheMillersHouse blogspot!


  1. Just beautiful! I purchased one of these gorgeous ornaments! Love them! Very talented artist!